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Copyright & Trademark

The brand name MINIVOODOO is a registered trademark in ownership of SKYLIGER, Ltd. reg. CTM No.: 7591845

We are the only e-shop in Czech Republic where you can buy the original Mini Voodoo dolls. You can buy Voodoo dolls personaly, if you prefer classic shops. Unfortunately have appeared on the market fake Voodoo dolls too. We know, that our product is favourite and many fakers try to earn on our idea and know-how. So we decided to create a high-quality upcountry for our Mini Voodoo dolls. We created this e-shop and web sites, because we want customers´ ultimate security and satisfaction.

Fake Voodoo dolls

  • are made of low-class silon material
  • the body of the doll is not compact
  • the eyes and other decorative elements are bonded
  • the fake dolls are not made in detail
  • the original packaging with Mini Voodoo mark is missing
  • you can not clean fake dolls in most cases
  • in 99% of cases are fake dolls made in China

The fake dolls can cost from 50,- to 199,-  CZK. So be aware, how can you recognize the original. Do not waste your money for fake products!

Mini Voodoo dolls

  • high-quality and detail workmanship
  • you can see unique design at first glance
  • eyes and other elements by original Mini Voodoo dolls are sewn
  • original packaging with Mini Voodoo mark
  • every doll has its own story ©, you can read it on our sites
  • to every product you get a mini printed catalog if necessary, you can clean it in soapy water, eventual in washing-machine too

Beware of fakes!

Mini Voodoo dolls are handmade gifts or promotional products. They have exclusive design and are made from high-quality materials. The fake dolls can be more expensive than the original. How is it possible? The fakers are only sellers. We are producers. We love our product and we give it all our creativity. If you have any suspense or you see anywhere fakes of our products, do not hesitate and contact us. We want to stand against the fakers very penetrative. All cases will be solved by our lawyers.

How can you recognize original Mini Voodoo doll?

See how look original Mini Voodoo dolls:

Mini VooDoo Dolls size M including: 

Singning mini VooDoo labels

1. label (name, logo, web)
2. chain (lenghth 6cm)

enlarge picture here








Mini VooDoo Dolls size S including:

Label front side mini VooDoo S sizeLabel back side Mini VooDoo S size

1. loop for mobile phone
2. small carabine

package consist of:
- label (name, logo, web)
- pvc bag with string

enlarge front side here

enlarge back side here

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